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I’m about to start reading Alone on the water.

From what I’ve seen on my Dash about this… it could be painful?

— Oh shit yes it was painful I have never cried about a fanfic so much But it was so beautifully written! :’(
  1. xxongakuxx answered: I never cry for anything. I laughed at my great grandmothers funural. This had me sobbin not even half way through.
  2. vtgventure answered: loser
  3. tiip2ygno2talgiic answered: Put it this way: I’m apathetic to everything sad. EVERYTHING. This fic had me curled into a ball sobbing for an hour straight.
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    I just finished… Oh my goodness. I was crying almost all the way through that… It was beautiful
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    I only cry when a kitten smashes its paw yet this made me an ugly crying mess.